Inside vs. Outside Roulette Bets

It’s important to know which type of bet to make in order to feel as confident and ‘in control’ as possible at either a real or Online Roulette table. Confusing terminology and the pace of play can complicate decision-making, so having a good grasp of the different bets is essential.

Each Online Roulette table will usually display the minimum and maximum bets. Such signs might say, for example, “$5 minimum inside bets, $5 minimum outside bets. $1,000 maximum outside, $100 maximum inside” or a variation thereof with different numbers. Generally, table maximums are lower on inside bets because of the higher payoffs available. The odds are exactly the same as on outside bets, but most casinos do not want to risk losing as much as $35,000 at one spot on a $1,000 bet on one number.

Though the listed minimums are likely to be the same for inside and outside bets, they do not represent the same thing. An Online Roulette player who wagers the $5 minimum on inside bets is allowed to spread five $1 chips around on different inside bets/spots. However, the minimum for outside bets means the player must wager the entire amount on each outside bet. This is an important distinction as, for example, betting $1 on evens, $1 on red, $1 on the first 12, $1 on the first 18, and $1 on the first column doesn’t satisfy the minimum for an outside bet.

Remember, the player may make any of the Roulette game bets, of course, by putting his/her chip(s) on the appropriate location(s). However, in land casinos, the size of the table may make it difficult for players to reach some of the areas. If you’d like to place a bet and you can’t reach the spot, place the chips on the table and ask the dealer to relocate them to the desired wager/spot that you’re looking for.