NERF Trouble in Mafia Town | Roulette Challenge!

Not me not me, it’s not me. What’S going on guys welcome to Bali Hai a day, we are playing roulette. That’S right! There’S a couple different game modes of mafia right on this wheel right here, we’re gonna spit it careful we’re gon na spin it and then play it. I’M gon na spend so much talking all right ready. So what that means is I grab these cards?

Throw this one out: I get this card right here. Whoever is the ace as a doctor and can heal. This is the Mafia. Whoever has this card is mafioso, he’s a okay, so, okay, I love Kasem all right! Connor!

You pick. First, Connor don’t give her your life. I took care of my hair. I shampoo once a year that the doctor opens his eyes now doctor choose who you want to save, and they give me me now if you chosen close your eyes. Okay, now mafia open your eyes and pick your victim so make the kill.

Okay ready! Oh wow, do you think I’m gon na pop my little Paul, okay, samer, oh she’s dead! That’S right!

Yeah! Yeah! Well! Who do you vote for powder? Is he mother for me finger up? I both are Joey.

I go from a bias tire as prices Asian prices, final decision Mathias. Oh me, let me do it. You shoot me ahead.

You can mafia open up your eyes, bu now: hey who you’re going to kill? Okay now shut your eye. Holes now kill Connors dead, alright Paul who do you think it is J, cuz Brian plays Hertz Joey and I’m game. You know he did to me laughing all right. Joey seems to be the dead one.

There, you’re tricking. Didn’T you? Oh holy we’re going to dang it. Alright, it looks like the Mafia yeah, alright, let’s spin again Joey time to spin the wheel baby, oh yeah, what’s mafia to come off it! Oh!

This is that I like that one Simon. That means they’re too much. Yes, two kings get out of here, not your turn and iron people are too eager. No, I want that one. Oh all right. Everyone shut their eyes.

Now, mafia, open your eyes. Okay, all right! Now, mafia pick your target all right now, if you’ve picked your target shut, your eyes now kill the target. Excuse me Paul Paul’s dead this morning it is a ghost I’m gon na, say Brian and matt brien.

Oh no wait! You can’t leave over one hi, Brian fine, hi Brian. Well, you vote for Brian yeah.

All guys, kill Paul in his life die. Do it Sam right, it’s cool, right, Lu temple! Do it and shake you laying over there in the face in the face whole mafia, open your eyes pick? What do you take your target?

Not yet all right now shut your eyes. The target must die, kill the target you’re dead yeah. I know Joey yeah.

Oh joy, I go for Brian. Obviously you guys know you’re both the Mafia love. You win yeah for this next round.

I’M going to spend this twice and what are we laying on twice we’re gon na rely on twice we’re gon na add both doctor-doctor plus so to mafia one doctor: let’s do it alright? Think it’s hard! Yes, shut your eyes.

Everyone set your eyes. Okay, doctor open your eyes. Okay, so doctor pick, who you gon na save now uh close your eyes, no mafia, open your eyes choose one victim, both agree on it now victim chosen, closing your eyes brain what see your card like a man screaming no cuz. It’S not me. Alright, man dad Joey raise a finger okay.

I bow thank skipping me over here. Okay, I vote Joey, okay Joey, who do you alright, alright duel? Alright? What hockey to Joey? Oh cheating, I saw his reflection. I was like oh you’re, cheating you’re supposed to be looking.

Jeff is dead, wait, wait, J, Fred. What is he? Oh yeah? What aren’t you a doctor? What did you say? No yeah, wait.

Yeah. I didn’t get a chance to choose my yes. I did Connor out of all people he’s this guy. Alright, everybody close your eyes. Huh you open your eyes all right, mom, you close your eyes.

You did son open your eyes. This is why I tried to save Connor. Is everybody dead? Who do you think it is you’re dead, you’re dead, you’re, dead, yeah?

That makes it? What do you think it just you choose this video right here is the last one. We played mafia, pretty fun check that one out surprise twist. Ending there miss one right. Here was the last time we played hangman roulette, but we did it with a twist so check that out and if you’re new. Here click Subscribe right in the middle of this roulette wheel.

Okay, all right guys, high-five by me, yo