OH DA FUCKER PEED ON ME JESUS! He peed on me… He shit… He shit all over me!

… FRIDAY WITH PEWDIEPIEEEEEEE And so it continues Is it-It’s time for slippy isn’t it? slippy Tell them what’s up! Do not..SHIT! He’s so calm right now. Where does it go wrong with Slippy shitting all the time? He shits ALL THE TIME now!

Listen when I got a toad I didn’t.. OH! OH! oh..aww he’s shitting ;-; All right.. it’s fine.

Can you not shit you fucking toad? Maybe he’s shit out right now? What do you think, Slippy? mind. He’s not shitten out. All right… fuck you..then. How about I shit on you and you see how that feels?

Yea-you yeah I fucking told him! All right, so I announced a competition. Where I would look at you.. your submissions to the playing my game Tuber Simulator. 10 MILLION DOWNLOADS! 10 million downloads!

Keep spending money on the game. I really *laughs* appreciate it. Papa’s gonna buy a new Lambo! Let’s start off.

Okay, first off we have this…. *laughs* It took me a while to understand what’s happening. Basically, a bunch of fangirls with Ainsley as a bodyguard. Ainsley, I missed you. Thank you. Now this, is a really good room that clearly they put a lot of effort in.

Where the fuck is the desk anyway? This must be photoshopped. Maya and Edgar play Slender Dog.

*Laughs* That’s a channel I would like to watch. Edgar: “Arwff?? (Who’s there?)” Maya: “Woof Woorff!!

(Run Edgar!!) Edgar: “DIN JÄVLA FITT.. !!” “-I mean..” ” ‘woof’… ” “sorry..” *laughs* It’s kinda dumb, but I really like it. It’s very cute. I acutally rell- OHHH!

“Felix’s Life” After we announced this game.. ! *Upbeat music plays* For real though.. like compared to other mobile games we’re not making that much money. Okay. I’ve been really enjoying seeing all the creations.

That’s what I said when we launched the game. *Before we launched the game. I’m like I can’t wait to see what you bros were gonna make so. It’s really cool to see how you- gonna be creative. huehahahaha Ah, my neck stretch aw shit ah fuck that fucking hurt That’s Slippy taking a shit right there.

But let me tell you, it does not look like that. It is.. not… like.. that. This is cool. I like this. So Halloween is coming up soon.

We’re gonna do a theme voting around Halloween. And the Halloween Pack is coming out as well. But, this is pretty cool. *laughs* It’s a lot of Slippy shits going on, which I can fully understand because that son of a bitch shits.. a lot. It’s not what I expected when I bought a fucking toad.

Let’s just say that. This is a really cool setup. Is this the Illimunati? And I’m in the middle? Raptor, uh.. Strip Club?

With Edgar as DJ! That’s cool. I really like that one Okay, listen if you get this glitch, just change the room.

Stop tweeting it to me and being like, “OH YOUR GAME IS BROKEN” All you have to do is select a new fucking room. Stop bitching to me about it like I’m tech support. I’m not fucking tech support. We don’t even have tech support. FUCK, we should probably should have tech support. Listen, just create a new room.


That’s not the best. I’ve seen better rooms. I’ll rate this one a zero.. point 5 This one is cool! They’re playing hockey.

It’s a hockey match. Slippy vs Raptors. See, that’s creative! I give you props for that.

What the fuck is with all the shit? I like how she shits with the pants.. ok nvm. Let’s just move on.

SLIPPY WITH SHIT! Why is just- ah All right, well someone likes boxes a bit much. More Slippy shit. Jesus Christ Is this as far as your creativity goes?

I mean, it’s pretty fucking accurate. I’m not gonna lie… What do you think about this one, Slippy? I’m really scared. I’m really scared I don’t know if I’m scared of Slippy at this point, or the fact that he’s gonna shit over me.

War…. …has changed. It’s no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity It’s and endless series of proxy battles fought by mercenaries and machines War and its consumption of life. (Austalian or British accent) “Yeah, I like their setup.” “This is a great fucking setup, mate.” “I shit all over your desk.” “I’m shitting right fucking now.”

*laughing* Of course- of course My life is just a fucking parody of itself at this point. What the fuck More Slippy? I guess you guys really like slippy, huh?

Wars Changed I..I really like him too. I just wish he wouldn’t fucking shit on me all the fucking time. *laughs* This has to be fake. That’s fucking awesome if that’s real. OHKAY! Alright!

See thi- we- Do you know how many fucking hoops we have to go through to make sure the game won’t be censored because people will make shit like this! Okay, you’re not helping anyone Oh for fuck’s sake. Not cool. Okay?

Irish piece of shit. *laughs* oh, oh boy I like that one. All right, Slippy. I don’t want to terrorize him.

Like, we got Slippy for the memes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But I… it’s still an animal- And I.. I respect that. I hope peo- you guys dont think I’m terrorizing slippy Like, we are really taking care of him.

Irish piece of shit. Now, this is the best setup I have ever seen in my fucking life. Jack, I hope you see this one.

And realize.. what an Irish shit you are *laughs*. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m so mean to Jack. Oh, for fu- fuck you. ‘Kay? *Reading* “Makes a game..” “Friends are better at it than he is” “Level 50- ‘KickThePj’,” “Level 36- ‘PewDiePie’.”

Oh, you think that’s funny? Cause someone else is higher level- I could hack the game and make it better. Pj sheets, ok?

That’s all I’m gonna say. Pj, you’re a sheeter shit. fnfjdzhnfcheater. Sheetah.

Do you guys hear that? Slippy? You probably didn’t hear that, but he made a weird noise. It’s so cute. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!

I’ll take it back. I take it back, Take it all back. Th-Thank you Michael, Wat the actual fuck? Now, that’s a lot of barrels.

That’s cool, I can appreciate that, OH- Michael…. Why?! WHY All right, this is just fucking disgusting. I guess you guys like shit. I don’t know what to tell you. Oh, for fuck’s sake.

*laughs* Edgar..lord of the..the undead. Oh my god, they built a chair out of skulls. THat’s fucking awesome! Now, that’s art.

This is cool. I mean, this is just a nice setup. Slippy army vs Barrel Army. I don’t know what’s happening, All right, but I like that there seems to be a story. That’s a penis shit. Oh, I see what that is.

Ayyyyyy You snuck that one in, didn’t ya? We are adding tiny pixels so you can start to make pixel art in the game. Which I think, I’m really excited. For you guys to make a bunch of penises. Two different forts vs each other. Cat vs dog.

And Slippy’s filming it. That’s cool, that’s really creative, What the fuck is this? “SEND NUDES” Okay, now it’s gone too far. This game needs to be deleted! What does it say? “TRUMP 2K16”!

Whoa, a shitty brofist. A not-so-shitty brofist. BOOM! This is a duck pub. That’s so cool. You guys really like typing shit in shit don’t you?

Man, I am so impressed by you bros. I didn’t expect these cool submissions. I can’t wait for the online features to be available so you bros can vote on the themes, there’s gonna be themes,daily themes. And all that shit, Basically, there’s way too many people playing the game. We had 10 million downloads. Which we never expected.

Myself, and Outermind’s team are blown away. We’re so thrilled that you bros enjoy the game. And it’s so fun to see you bros being creative with it. And I think that’s fucking awesome.

I love seeing this shit. I’m gonna verify some of these as a reward for doing an awesome job. And I want to keep doing that in the future, so keep se- keep sendin your setups to me. Thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed, and if you did, leave a like! You bros rule, keep doing what you do. And I will see you in tomorrow’s video.