You SLAV You Lose #3

You Slave You Lose *clap clap* You Slav You Lose Youtube’s favourite show everybody No more you india you lose You India you win But you Slav you lose You know why? cause At least slavs can take a joke[VODKA] WHY is he walking like that Because he’s drunk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Come on Pюdepie PPPFFFFFTTTTTT Like everyone in Россия Alcoholism, [al ka lism?] it’s a problem WWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWW You know I actually met a lot of fans Who come up to me like I’m slav you know, I lose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s okay, it’s just a joke Dont worry about it it’s just a joke Remember to buy the merch *CYKA BLYAT* LET’S just jump into it I’m excited It’s been a long time. This is from r/ANormalDayInRussia [Background music] Why is he just standing there?

Oh? *chuckle* oh.. what is happening? *laughing* Many questions, I have many questions First off, Why is that horse carriage connected to a car? Second off… Why is that man standing in the road?!

Third of all… HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! *Reading comment* You Slav *clap* You LOSE *clap* It’s not just indian That has a deeper profound skill of Expressing their emotions and love EEEEHHHHHHH Russians also have a very romantic way to GET IT ON Kristina Gimme a BJ… This really warms my heart I must say. A normal day in Russia everyone.

In other countries, they’ll have a dog as a friend. Why have a dog when you can have a bear? You’ll never be depressed again!

AAAWWEEEE This is so … Sweet. You slav you win? ლ(╹◡╹ლ) Just another day in russia (heh heh) What is happening? *sighs* Silly russians! There’s no groceries there Ugh S.M.H. *Desperate attempt at trying not to get demonetized* MOVING ON You EH you slav you lose Everyone *Wind in terrible phone mic* A normal Lovely bike ride!

WOW dat’s nice RUSSIAN AND ENGLISH AT THE SAME TIME (*russian startled swearings) “Blyat dafuq youre doing BLYAT” ((*note from a russian translator)) “BLYAT YOP TVOYU MAT’ BLYAT WHO FCKING DOES THAT” “HOW?!” What? *chuckles* What? I’m Sorry I’m gonna have to ask for an explanation of what the heck was going on there.

Did he grade that girls test… … by drilling it with a drill? (Well yes of course, who doesn’t these days) *struggling to understand the slav culture* Just anotha day in Russia! SLAV REVIEW Just anotha day in Russia! Thats honestly really cute Russian cats everybody Is that real? (Sure why not pewds they can be if you want) Are they actually squatting?

The slavs have taken feline form. Very Niiice Just dress those cats up in addidas… And you’re good to go. (russian surprised swearing) OMG He’s gonna hurt someone. OMG x2 Turn off the thing please.

You’re gonna cut someone. (Chuckling:) Jesus Christ. OMG ver. 3.0 He got ’em!

He got ’em! x2 Just a normal day in Russia! OH JESUS CHRIST. *beep beep* OH.


Look at that guy! Oh my GOD Ah jeez. Just. Just.. Just… *drum roll please* And it’s a whamen. Is anyone surprised?

*Desperate attempt to not get demonetized again* Anyone remember the Cold War? Never forghetti. Get ready Dmitry pew pew pew pew pew pew WHOAAA(pew pew)AAAAAA! OMG DMITRY! That’s innovation right there That takes skill and cunningness Whatever that means… in russian: “Honestly, i really think, I hope Headphones down in 3 Headphones down in 2 Headphones down in 1 *BIG CRASH* Jesus.

oh my god What is that? Okay? ((russian hysterical laughter)) HOW ARE THEY LAUGHING?!

(More turkey laughs) Your kitchen IS ON FIRE!!! Jesus Christ I d… GodDamned (byets?) God Damn Cursed Footwear AIDS! AIDS MY FAVORITE BRAND (me too pewds!)

Dude uhh. WHAT ARE THOSE? Just rockin’ those AIDS man! What can I say?

Dude! Are those the latest AIDS? God Damn they look sick They look FIRE.

RUSSIAN GAMER CHAIR. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

BUT CAN IT DO THIS? I don’t… I don’t think so. Russians Try again.

This is why you need to pay $399 BLYAT TVOYU SUKA How did this happen? How do you get in this situation? ((in russian: GET OUT OF THERE)) ((GET OUT OF THERE ALREADY BLYAT)) Oh Gawd x2 Oh Gawd x3 Oh Gawd x4 Oh Gawd x5 OK Everyone made it safe Everyone made it out safe ok ALRIGHT G R E A T Jesus Christ How is anyone alive?

Russians are you okay? ((note from russian translator: (。•́︿•̀。) )) What is that? What is that? x2 in russian: Well, this is nice Did they replace a wheel with a log? Improvise! Adapt Overcome Hey look!

It’s another log replacement! (Take off the brake!) ((astonished russian swearing)) You know what, as dangerous and life-threatening as it seems to be AT LEAST they’re having fun, you know “Russia is just big multiplayer game… with crazy mods” “I saw lots of cars, but not the same number of wheels” (Playing Nataliya Mogilevskaya – Pol’ubi menya takoy) what’s happening Oh my gah Ooh that’s great Oh the whole car is tilting You can’t tell if this is sad or hillarious I don’t I got so many conflicting emotions while watching this in russian: “Look, it’s an actual cat getting out” HEY They have furries in Russia I didn’t know Who woulda thought You lost some ??? today, Russia I’m sorry ((But you seemed so excited at first)) “Come on!”

“Come on, come on!” (Are you stupid or something) No STOP just STOP STOP USING IT ((Come on Felix)) STOP ((Man up)) STOOP Please STOP (but thas how we fish! how u gonna fish when its -45C?) Ah Jesus Christ “I’m not gonna feed you out of my hands, eat it like that” “Here, eat it” “BiTch” (lmao) “Well, thats how have it here” I was gonna say, in Sweden a lot of times we joke that to foreigners we just have polar bears everywhere and we ride them to work But in Russia It seems like it’s actually the case (no we do not ride bears) (we just have them as pets)) “Take out the seal” “Take out the safety pin” Take it and put it on the table “Press it” “tada” “And thats how you put out THE FIRE IN YOUR SOUL! Wait, as that VODKA? (duh) Oh it’s VODKA Jesus Christ!

Russia, STOP tryna hide vodka in everything Let’s put it out By pouring alcohol on it Fantastic WHERE ARE ALL THE WHEELS IN THIS COUNTRY WHERE ARE ALL THE WHEEHAHALS “Hey, brudda” Oh gah it’s, oh yeah I’ve seen “Brother” “Wake up brother” “Hey brother” Aww, depressed pigeon “This is so sad” (Alisa play Деспасито) I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of “Another day in Russia” everyone U slav u lose, whatever it was I hope you had fun If you did Smash like, it will help out the channel, I very much appreciate it It helps me a lot, as well To push through So I can watch more funny videos, for you guys I know, it’s tough work Goodbye (bye, Felix, love u from Russia <3)